Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Atelier expression artistique avec Francesca Messina

Atelier expression artistique et développement personnel

'Artistes à ma façon'

dimanche 18 février 2018, 9:30-12:30

Se laisser inspirer par les œuvres des « artistes » pour pouvoir créer son propre message visuel personnel. S'inspirer, imaginer, couper, détourner, coller, peindre...suivant son intuition créative.

💧 Pas besoin d'avoir de connaissances artistiques pour pouvoir participer.

💧 Les matériels seront fournis.

💧 Atelier dédié aux adultes.

💧 L'inscription est obligatoire.

💧 Horaires : 9:30-12:30

💧 Dimanche 18 février 2018

💧 prix : 35 euro

💧 lieu : Le Hangar – Centre des Arts – 310 chemin du Ranch – Chateauneuf de Grasse

Tél. 0787693950
email :

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

EXPO: Marina Kulik in Valbonne

You may have noticed (it was hard to miss 😄) that I am exhibiting in Valbonne at the moment.
In the Salle St Esprit, next to the church...
Sculptor and landartist Sally Ducrow and myself were invited by the Mairie de Valbonne to create a show around 'Recyclage' to celebrate the fête de St Blaise.
We combined that with our love for everything 'nature' and have put together a show with brand new paintings and sculptures which are all somehow recycled, in very different ways.

We have had over 300 visitors sofar, and we get really enthusiastic reactions.  

I'd love you to come and see it too!  

Sally's sculptures and reliefs are made of stone and wood, I'm showing figurative watercolours on paper, watercolours on linen and reliefs of recycled materials...

I will be there most of every day from Wednesday afternoon. We finish Sunday 4.30pm!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Pim's Program for the New Year!

PIM wishes all his students a Happy New Year and is pleased to communicate hereafter the activities planned for the first three months of 2018:

JANUARY - paint a canvas 80x80 in “Soulage” style (only in black)

FEBRUARI - paint a canvas 80x80 in “Mondriaan” style, but only shades of black, white or gray, no color. This is an exercise in composition.

MARCH - exercise using several bamboo sticks for rhythm on the canvas using oil pastels.

PS: search the internet for samples. We start this exercise the second half of January.

JANUARY - search for pictures of busy streets with pedestrians and cars. We will paint these pictures on paper, with acrylics.

FEBRUARI - Search for pictures of old industries, for instance mines. We will represent them on paper with acrylic paint, pastel and black ink.

MARCH - Search for pictures representing nice country-sides . We will again work on paper, same as during the last months…

PS we do these exercises mornings only, starting the second half of January.


PIM souhaite la Bonne Année à tous ses élèves et a le plaisir de transmettre ci-après les activités prévus pour les trois premiers mois de 2018:

JANVIER - peindre une toile 80x80 dans le style de “Soulage” (seulement en noir)

FEVRIER - peindre une toile 80x80 dans le style de “Mondriaan”, mais seulement avec des nuances de noir, blanc, gris. Pas de couleur. C’est un exercice de composition.

MARS - un exercice utilisant des bâtons de bambou pour le rythme utilisant des pastels à ’huile.

PS cherchez des exemples sur internet. Nous débutons cet exercice mi-janvier.

JANVIER - cherchez des photos de rues animées avec des piétons et des voitures. Nous les représenterons sur papier utilisant de l’acrylique.

FEVRIER - Cherchez des photos d’industries anciennes, par exemple des mines. Nous travaillerons sur papier avec de l’acrylique , du pastel, et de l’encre noir.

MARS - Cherchez de jolies photos de la campagne. Nous travaillerons à nouveau sur papier , la même chose que dans les mois passées.

PS nous ferons ces exercices seulement le matin, et débuterons mi-janvier.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

The wooden block project

You may have noticed the stack of wooden blocks on a stand in the Hangar, with a note saying 'don't touch, experiment'.. Vous avez peut-être remarqué la pile de blocs de bois sur un stand dans le hangar, avec une note disant 'ne pas toucher SVP, pour expérimenter'.

If it made you curious: it is all about a project of hundreds of painted wooden blocks, together forming a wall in Valbonne. The wall will be the last part of a big Valbonne Art project around World War 1, and at the same time start the celebrations for the 500 year that Valbonne exists - in  2019.
Si cela vous a rendu curieux: il s'agit d'un projet de centaines de blocs de bois peints, formant ensemble un mur à Valbonne. Le mur sera la dernière partie d'un grand projet artistique de Valbonne autour de la Première Guerre mondiale, et commencera en même temps les célébrations des 500 ans de Valbonne - en 2019.
The  wooden art wall will go from the Salle St Esprit (where we had the Quel Cirque expo) through the village. It has a theme: on one side it will show 'WAR' and on the other side it will show 'PEACE'. All the individual building blocks will be painted with war and peace, on 2 sides, by children, by volunteers from the village, by amateur artists and professionals.
Le mur d'art en bois ira de la salle St Esprit (où nous avons eu l'exposition Quel Cirque) à travers le village. Il a un thème: d'un côté il montrera 'WAR' et de l'autre côté il montrera 'PEACE'. Tous les blocs de construction individuels seront peints avec la guerre et la paix, sur deux côtés, par des enfants, par des bénévoles du village, par des artistes amateurs et des professionnels.

The Hangar now has 50 blocks (of which I prepared 20 for the watercolour- & acrylic starter class). That leaves 30 for Pim and Nelly's groups - but no worries, if more people want to participate I can order more...
Start thinking about how you would symbolize 'war' and 'peace' on two sides of a 20x 10cm wooden surface.
Below the French text is what I did as an example:
Le Hangar a maintenant 50 blocs (dont j'ai préparé 20 pour la classe d'aquarelle et acrylique lundi aprèm). Cela laisse 30 pour les groupes de Pim et Nelly - mais pas de soucis, si plusieurs veulent participer je peux commander plus ...
Commencez à penser à la façon dont vous symboliseriez la «guerre» et la «paix» sur les deux côtés d'une surface en bois de 20x10cm.

Voici ce que j'ai fait comme exemple:

1. The blocks need to dry first and then be gesso'd before you can paint on them - Les blocs doivent d'abord sécher, puis appliquer une couche de gesso avant de peindre dessus
10 blocks with watercolour gesso on them

2. WAR on one side - GUERRE à un coté
my representation of war, in watercolour. 
The white is the gesso that I just did not paint. Exactly like watercolours on paper!
Works like a dream

3. PEACE on the other side -  PAIX à l'autre coté
my representation of peace.

There is an extensive document in French with examples that I will drop in the Hangar mid January. For the time being - if you have any questions, just email me!
Il y a un document (en français) avec des exemples que je vais laisser dans le hangar mi-janvier. Pour le moment - si vous avez des questions, emailez-moi!

I hope to have your enthusiasm for this! Have a GREAT NEW YEAR Y'ALL!!!
J'espère avoir votre enthousiasme pour ça! BONNE ANNEE A TOUS!!!

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Nelly & Marina's Xmas lunch

On 12 December, the oil- and watercolour groups had a convivial bring-a-dish lunch together!
It was (as always)very very good, with unbelievable food.
I have enjoyed it thoroughly, but forgotten to post the lovely pictures and Carol's fantastic and easy recipe for brownies... So, better late that never, and still in 2017, here are he pictures!!

Chef Nelly always makes the best yummest chicken legs with lichee sauce. Finished in no time!!
Just an impression of the goodies...

 Jacqueline & Nelly
 Annie & Marina
 The tables - and the  great atmosphere

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Hangar schedule after the holidays!

Nelly, Marina and Marie have given their last classes of 2017 - and Pim will give his last Acrylics this Saturday morning (23 December)... Then it will be Christmas, and New Year - and in between, 
 from 24 December onwards, the Hangar will be closed.

Pim will start with his Wednesday Acrylics class on 3 January 2018. And from 8 January everything will be back to normal - with Tuesday 9 january the first 2018 Oil and Watercolour classes, 11 January the first Sculpture class... and an Atelier Expression Artistique on Sunday 14 January. You will receive the regular updates in time... But for now... Enjoy your Break!

The Hangar Board & Teachers wish you a wonderful, interesting and creative New Year!!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

In Memoriam Neville Moray

We are very sad to announce that on Friday 15 December, 9.30am, our dear friend Neville Moray passed away.
He was an esteemed and talented Hangar member, an active participant in many classes and a personal friend of both Marina and Pim.
Neville was a true scientist, in his professional life a Professor Emeritus at the Department of Psychology of the University of Surrey. But since his retirement he combined academics with being an original artist (a quite successful one) who especially loved the Hangar drawing classes.

You can see more of his art and books he published on his website.

One of the impressive things Neville did for the Hangar was give a Café Culture lecture 'Art brain and perception'. It was received with so much enthusiasm, that he repeated it a couple of months later - and had a full house again! It treated subjects like the laws of colour mixing, optical illusions and a fractal analysis of the work of Pollock.
Many of you remember him fondly, I know. If you want to react you can write me an email, I will collect them and pass them on to his family. For the people who have not known him, I wish you had because he was a good and gentle person and an excellent teacher - who was also able to be an excellent and exploring student.
Our thoughts go to his lovely wife Angela and his daughters Nerissa and Clea. He will be deeply missed. 

On behalf of the Hangar board,
Marina Kulik