Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Classe de Pim: quand le lundi soir est une ébullition créative

Marie commençant un nouveau tableau
Patrick redécouvrant de nouvelles lignes géomètriques

Anne-Marie embrassant le changement, en recouvrant une précédente toile
Bernard peignant sous le regard attentif de Marie
Imme recevant les conseils de Pim pour un encadrement
Michelle s'élançant pour poser une touche de couleur sur la toile

Corinne se propulsant dans une nouvelle rêverie

Friday, 21 April 2017

Drawing at its' best!!

On the Monday mornings that there's no life drawing, Pim either goes outside with the group or stays inside and treats them to one of his amazing and (look at this) inspiring still lives!! 

Excellent work!! NB: Coming Monday, 24 April, the plan is to go outside! Bring your folding chair (to sit on) and a bottle of water (to drink). If the weather is not good enough, there will be a still life inside...

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Portrait Workshop #5/5

'Before and After'

Below, you can see and enjoy the results of the final fifth session of the Portrait Workshop. The first session, every participant drew a self portrait without help - and the last session they did it again - just to see if their 'observation' had improved... 
(Note: left is 'before', right is 'after')

Three participants missed the last session, they will have a 'Catch up class' with Cathie this Friday, and the results will be posted too, so watch this space!


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Look what came out of the kiln

The kiln has been on nearly every week - and lots of beautiful pieces have come out. Anne and Tracy have been busy getting their things ready for their exhibition in Auribeau - and we have somehow overlooked posting on the blog.

Opening up a kiln - is like opening a lucky bag - you have high expectations but never know what you will find. Did the pieces explode ? How did the glazes turn out ? Each shelf brings out new surprises.

So here comes some of our creations. First a series of figures/people - each artist in their own style.

Couple by Sabine

Woman and Man by Christelle

Lady by Anne

Swimmer by Tracy

by Christelle
Not everyone works with people - Hanna has made some beautiful animals:

Panther by Hanna

And then we have the kiddies classes. Tracy finds inspiring themes and the participants work ever so hard - and what wonderful results:

Lilys Heart Box

Here we have Ollie's tortoise
And another heart box made by Amelie

Friday, 14 April 2017

Gilles models in Monday Mornings' Life class

 On 3 April we had a drawing session with a life model - this time 'Gilles'. There is an aura of sadness around him when he sits, and all the participants somehow got that emotion in most of their work...

Again: if you'd like to join this class, why not try it out? Just pop in on a Monday morning, for example 17 April (yes, even on Easter Monday we're drawing!). The model starts posing at 10am, doors open 9.30am and you don't have to bring any materials...

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Portrait Workshop #4/5: Results

We, Cathie van der Stel and Marina Kulik, are hosting a Portrait Drawing Workshop on Friday morning. It is full, with 10 participants - and they are amazing! Just look at these portraits!
One half was created on a piece of black paper with white pen, and the other half on a piece of white paper with a black pencil - and then stuck together:

Click to enlarge it... 

The last Portrait Workshop will take place coming Friday. We will finish it off by creating a self portrait - I will definitely post the results here!
After the workshop is done, we organise 3 portrait sessions, starting Friday 21 April, where we will have a live model and where all other portrait people are most welcome! Painters, sculptors, drawers, beginners and advanced, the doors will be open. If you want to be put on the infolist, let Marina know via email

Friday, 7 April 2017

Sculptures and Aquarelles of Tracy, Ann and Sylvie in Auribeau!

Until 17 April, there is a lovely exhibition of watercolours and sculptures in the 'Office de Tourisme' of the lovely old village Auribeau s/Siagne... The watercolours are created by Aquarellista and Hangar Board member Sylvie Morlière, the sculptures come from sculptor Anne Beaurin and Sculptor/Hangar Sculpture teacher Tracey Greenwood!
Make sure you pass by,one of the artists is always present and the work is seriously good... here's a preview: