Friday, 20 January 2017

Life Drawing on Monday Morning

Every other Monday morning there's a life drawing class with a nude. 
It is a very good way to start your artistic week with a boost! Lots of eye-hand coordination, concentration and getting 'out of comfort zone'. Of course we also have fun, coffee or tea and cookies.

Last Monday, Véronique was our model. She is beautiful and lovely, she has character - and she doesn't sit very still! In other words, quite difficult to draw.
We always start with warming up, poses of 1 minute (in which there's no time to think!) Often the best, most spontaneous drawings are created during that one minute. Here's an example:
 1 minute poses, with pen
After the warming up we draw (or paint) 2 other poses, of 10 and 20 minutes, and finish with a one-hour pose. Here are some drawings of the sessions:

 Black paper and pastel
 Wild combi of charcoal and pastel
 Excellent example of 'closer = bigger' + study for a foot

 Study of  the 'ladyparts' on black paper

 Very atmospheric lazy pose
 Excellent drawing with closer = bigger hand

If you are interested to follow a class you can pop in coming Monday - or else drop me an email: I have a starters group on Friday morning, and an 'atelier libre' at the same time - and both can still handle a couple more participants...

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Look what came out of the kiln

When things come out of the kiln after the first firing they look so plain and ordinary. After the second firing when they have glaze on, its quite a different story. Take a look !

Andrea' mother and baby whale

Sabines abstract people

Totally abstract by Frances

Sculpture planning is not easy. You start with wet clay. Let it dry, fire it the first time. Glaze it and fire it the second time. Sometimes you just start too late. Today we took out lots of Christmas decorations. The good thing is that they will last til next year.

A ceramic christmas tree
Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments

Monday, 16 January 2017


We are very excited to announce a 2-session mini-workshop where you can learn a little about ceramics with the amazing artist Anitta Asunta. She will share with us, her experience and knowledge in ceramics. Take a look at her website and see some of her work: 

Nous avons le plaisir de vous proposer un mini-atelier en  2 sessions pour découvrir les techniques d’émaillage avec l’artiste Anitta Asunta. Elle vous fera partager son expérience et sa maitrise de l’utilisation des émaux.  Pour voir ses creations, vous pouvez visiter son site:

Examples of Anitas beautiful work:

Copyright Anitta Asunta

Copyright Anitta Asunta

Copyright Anitta Asunta

Day 1:
Sunday January 29th 09:00 – 12:00
The day will be spent working in clay learning the basics of slab building.
This is one of the basic hand building techniques. Once your master it – there is no end to what you can make.         

Between these 2 days – the pieces that have been made will be fired.

Day 2:
Sunday February, 12th 09:00 – 12:00
This day will be dedicated to glazing and enamelling techniques so that you can discover various ways to obtain different tints and effects for a beautiful finish .

1ère Session :
Dimanche 29 Janvier de 9h00 à 12H00
Nous apprendrons la « technique de la plaque » pour réaliser de petits objets en argile. Une fois maitrisée, cette technique de base pourra être appliquée pour créer sans fin, d’autres pièces.    

Entre ces 2 sessions, les pièces que nous aurons réalisées seront cuites dans notre four.

2ème Session :
Dimanche 12 Février de 9h00 à 12H00
Cette matinée sera consacrée aux techniques d’émaillage et vous découvrirez les différentes possibilités pour obtenir différentes teintes et de très beaux effets de finition.

The mini-workshop is open to all members of the Hangar, and beginners are very welcome.
Price : 60 Euros for the 2 sessions  – which includes: teaching, use of tools, clay, kiln firing and materials for enamelling and glazing

Ce mini-atelier est ouvert à tous les membres du Hangar, et les débutants sont les bienvenus.
Prix : 60 Euros pour les 2 sessions comprenant l’enseignement, l’argile, l’utilisation des outils, la cuisson dans le four et la fourniture des émaux

Please confirm your participation to Tracy Greenwood or 0602-08-3572  at the latest by Monday 23rd January.

Merci de confirmer votre participation à Tracy Greenwood or 0602-08-3572  au plus tard le Lundi 23 Janvier.

Feel free to contact Tracy if you have questions.

Pour toutes questions, n’hésitez pas à contacter Tracy

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

25 Years Anniversary of Hangar Art !

Hangar Art lived a strong moment celebrating it 25 years. The President, Ton van Schijndel, continues wishing a very creative and fruitful year to all members. There is no doubt that this year will be excellent again thanks to the board members, professors, students and all supporters of this association.

Poster for celebrating the 25 years
Flaming galettes : 3 people that you cannot see were ready to blow ... you can enjoy here the spirit of collaboration!
Imme, Lisa and Michele are already thinking of new work to present in the Théoule expo ! 
Many people were attending this exceptional event

Speech of the President, Ton van Schijndel, and traduction by board member Sylvie Morlière

Active exchange between two new students, Isabelle and Marie (Monday night's Pim class)
Pim with several of his French students (Wednesday class)
Sculpture teacher Tracy Redwood, sculptor Ann Beaurin a family members were attending the event
Marina and Pim, two pillars of this association
Sylvie, Marina & Tiziana discussing possibilities for new classes

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Monday night's Pim class: overflowing with energy and creativity (9 Jan 2017)

Il Maestro Pim de Jongh has attracted most of his students at the beginning of the year. They were not less than 15 last night for listening to his guidance and for sharing this great momentum!  A memorable energy was deployed, which stimulated the creativity of all artists. The next exhibition in July promises to be rich in colours and emotions!


Il Maestro Pim de Jongh

Monday, 9 January 2017

EXPO: René Royon in Antibes

From January 5 - January 30
René Royon from Pim's Abstract Group
shows 20 of his paintings in the
Maison des Associations in Antibes

The exhibition is Open Every day (7/7) 
from 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Free Parking
The Chemin de St Claude starts at the CARREFOUR Supermarket Antibes and the Maison des Association is located a few kms off on the way to Antibes at a red light on the left

Xmas lunch of the Oil group & the Aquarellistas

The last class before the Xmas break, the Oil and Watercolour groups had an extensive lunch together! Here are some pictures:
Everyone brought a dish or a bottle and there was plenty of very good food for all!

 We all had a great time, and got to know each other a bit better..

The Hangar is a wonderful place to draw, paint and sculpt - but when it doubles as restaurant it is great too!!!